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People ask me if it is difficult to make Jewelery. I tell them that making jewelry with leather cord is actually very easy and requires a minimum number of tools that most of us already have in our tool box.  If you are a casual jewelry maker all you need is just one pair of pliers.  On the other hand, if you are like me, getting blisters in your hands because of the number of crimps,  you can spoil yourself with more specialized tools

This is my favorite collection of tools:

  • A pair of scissors. I use them to cut my leather cord. I like them because they make a clear cut.
  • A small pair of pliers with a spring that returns it to the open position after every crimp. I like it because it feels good in my hand and it is always ready for the next crimp.
  • A flat nosed pair of pliers, smooth without lines also with a spring. They are great for delicate crimp jobs because they don't leave any marks. 
 Join us next time to learn how to do a simple string necklace.

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